Hangin' Out with... Marie Faith

We love playing dress up with Marie Faith, chemical-engineer-turned-momtrepreneur-extraordinaire, who models our new arrivals, and has a few mom hacks to dispense.


Tell us about yourself. What do you do?

My name is Marie Faith, and I am an entrepreneur, digital content creator, and sometimes a part-time model.

Which goes to this outfit you are wearing.

This outfit is actually a skirt, but I'm able to wear it as dress. Just add a little belt, and voila!

(Marie wears the Striped Dress/Skirt by CULTE FEMME)

And how do you keep fit? What's your pro tip for the moms out there who are struggling (to stay fit)?

I'm afraid there's really no short-cut! Consistency and commitment are the key. You really have to set aside at least an hour a day for yourself, to go to the gym or attend a fitness class. My trick is, when the kids are dropped off at school, I immediately go for my fitness classes, like a pilates class, a barre class, or sometimes a HIIT class for some cardio. Morning works best for me! But you gotta find out what suits your schedule the best. 

OK we are on to your second outfit! Tell us about it. 

So today in a rare occasion, I'm wearing pants and a top. These pants come with slits at the bottom, so they are quite stylish. And the top, too, which has some interesting detailing, which makes it not just your ordinary top. I love the tie and the high neckline - it definitely brings some drama! You can easily wear this ensemble to a meeting, or to brunch with friends, or when you are just running errands but you don't know where you'll be next, so you just wanna look stylish the whole day. 

(Pleated top by ERDEM x H&M, styled with cropped flare pants)

Any fashion tips for moms?

Moms usually wanna be comfortable. But with comfort in mind, you can still look stylish - you just need to choose the right pieces. Look for cute details - like those slits on the pants - that will make the whole outfit pop.

(Pink organza gown by JUN ESCARIO)

Next topic is... HOLIDAY dressing!

For the holiday season, obviously you wanna look good for your friends and family, but first of all, be comfortable with what you wear because you are gonna be in it for a long time during parties. Also try on your outfits in advance. It's the festive season - wear something bright and colorful or with glitters. Have fun with it! 

Speaking of holidays, do you entertain a lot at home?

To be honest, we normally prefer meeting friends outside, just because we have three small kids! But this is a great outfit if you are hosting dinner parties at home, or getting together with friends on the weekend. It's comfortable, casual, and cool.

(Floral kaftan by MAREEN DISINI)

Any final tips for busy moms?

There's no shame in finding the right places where you can get awesome food to serve your guests! Mom hack 101: have fun and stop stressing yourself!




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