And get paid!
We are accepting consignments of high-quality pre-loved clothes and shoes. Join our circular fashion movement by following the instructions below:
  1. Send us photos and details of the items you'd like to consign. Please include brand name, brief description, size, condition, etc. Minimum 5 items per batch. We prioritise local and contemporary designer brands, as well as event wear and cold weather items.
  2. Wait for us to get in touch with you (usually within 2 days) and arrange the logistics of pickup. Please note that we do have to personally check the items before accepting them. 
  3. We agree on the listed prices together. Your items will be centrally warehoused and photographed by us, and then listed on our site. 


As a general guideline, consignment prices are at 40% of the estimated resale prices. Please check out our product pages for reference on the item prices. (e.g. if an item is listed at P2000, you'll be paid P800 in consignment fees once the item is sold or rented out the first time.) Consignment payments are made ONE-TIME per item only, and it occurs AFTER your item is sold on our website for the first time. Please allow 2~3 working days for payment processing.