We get it - dry cleaning is nasty. In fact, there is probably no such thing as non-hazardous dry cleaning. Perchloroethylene, a carcinogenic dry cleaning solvent, is still used at most dry cleaners around the world today. Even the safer hydrocarbon alternatives can often generate hazardous waste and air pollution when handled improperly. And don't even get us started on those single-use plastic bags that are so commonly used at almost all dry cleaners...

If you've had enough of that, and don't want/need your clothes to be dry cleaned when delivered to you, simply use code "GOGREEN" at checkout for 10% off on all items  (except for those that are brand new with tags, which we weren't going to dry clean anyway.) Otherwise, all non-new-with-tags items (except for leather goods) will be dry cleaned by default.

Happy guilt-free shopping/borrowing. :)